Intecet Game

Intecet Whitepaper
Intecet is a blockchain video games that allow all lover of crypto currency to earn tokens through game playing and contributions to the Intecet ecosystem. players can still earn tokens even when they loose in Intecet game arena, Intecet is a place where there is no looser, all players are winners. All art assets can only be accessed through our site by now, our team are working tirelessly to make them accessible through the third parties, that will allow community developers to build their own tools and experiences in Intecet platform. Intecet has partnered with the top games platforms these help us to raised $90,000 through private sale in less than 2 months of launching the platform, We have already partner with up to 3 Top games developers and we are planning to add more game and new partner to bring latest game to the players.
Users of ICT consist of 3 type
  • Player
  • Staker
  • Holder
Player: Player is a person that take part in Intecet play to earn multi games, this is one of the top user platform that Intecet team first introduce to the system, a whooping 22% of total supply of ICT Token was allocated to play to earn, just to introduce blockchain technology to the masses in fun way.
Staker: The most importer platform of all is staking, in order to provide security and effectiveness to the intecet network we need some users to lock their ICT token to receive an incentive, by doing these they are providing security to the platform and also getting rewarded for their actions.
Holder: As the Intecet is forever, anybody can buy and keep ICT token in a safe and supported wallet for long time as the price keep increasing, holding at least 100 ICT token may turn user to a millionaire in future .
Players can earn by:
•Playing a daily game and claim the reward after completing the game
•Light up the lamps and selling them on the marketplace
•Staking & Farming on multiple farming platform that will soon be release.
•Providing Liquidity.
Loser will be rewarded, in Intecet NFT everybody is a winner, more earning platform will be release in early 2022.

Intecet's Mission

Our mission is to make Intecet a primary learning platform to blockchain technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is to is to make Africa the hub of a blockchain
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